Nombre: G "Orquesta Microsinfónica"
Categoría: retruécanos varios miniaturizados
Técnica: carpintería electromecánica
Autor: Alfredo Morte
Fecha: 2010-2015
In my work, mechanics is a medium; a tool to create strangeness, interest, thought, and narration. Within this framework full of mechanisms, the “MicroSymphonic Orchestra” cannot be understood as more than a research laboratory; a field that is always open to variation; a place where sound is the driving force behind the conception of devices. Beyond this, however, it is, above all, a system to solve some practical engineering problems that I face at other levels. The piece consists of a challenge to find the way to confi ne an orchestra of engines, cables, and potentiometers in two suitcases in order to carry it confortably.
The early stage in its development does not allow for its full display, but it is available as an instalation, witness to the process in which I am currently immersed.

2015.10.31 - parvenunoise at MediaLab Prado [VIDEO]
2015.10.1-4 - open studio at omnivoros
(guest artists Julio Adán, miguelangeless & SQ (Sound Quartet)
2012 - 2015 - workshop private concerts
2011. prolegomenon to a microsimphonic orchestra (Estampa - installation format)